Trend Talk - 4Q22

Noise comments received from San Bernardino International Airport (SBD) neighbors in October – December 2022 (4Q22) reflect these trends:

  • Compared to October – December 2021 (4Q21), there was a year-over-year decrease in both the number of noise comments received and the number of distinct households filing comments. In 4Q22, noise comments decreased by 82% and the number of distinct households filing comments decreased by nearly one-half.

  • Of the 26 comments filed in 4Q22, 22 (or 85%) were geographically concentrated in the city of Highland, where 9 distinct households filed comments for the quarter.

  • In comparison to July – September 2022 (3Q22), there was a decrease both in noise comments received and distinct households filing between the two consecutive quarters. The number of comments decreased by 45% (21 fewer), with 11 fewer households filing comments.

The top five distinct households filing comments in 4Q22 reside in Highland and San Bernardino. Together, they filed 19 (or 73%) of the total comments.

The decrease in noise comments received is attributed to ongoing information and engagement about aircraft operations at SBD shared with our community. The Good Neighbor Program is an important resource as it offers:

  • An outlet for neighbors.
  • Pilot education about neighborhood noise sensitivity.
  • Community education and awareness about airport operations, activities and developments.

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